2020 Fine Art Photography Prices
Additional sizes and custom framing are available.  Don’t hesitate to ask.

Size on Photo Paper on Aluminum
16x24 $75 $225
20x30 $125 $325
24x36 $245 $450
Panorama - - - - - -
10x30 $95 $225
12x24 $85 $200
15x45 $245 $455
20x40 $375 $650
24x48 $475 $825
20x60 $525 $1095


I print on 2 different mediums: archival photo paper and aluminum. 

Photo paper prints are done on your choice of matte or glossy.  Prints are made at a locally owned and operated print shop here in Salt Lake.  Any prints delivered to the Wasatch Front area will be done at no additional charge.  Shipping prints outside of this area will include the cost of shipping (usually around $10-15).

Aluminum prints are the option if you are looking for something that will stop you dead in your tracks.  The color depth, color accuracy, contrast, and saturation with aluminum prints are unmatched by any printing medium or technique.  Metal prints carry a higher upfront cost but require no framing and are ready to hang with the included hanging hardware.  Optionally, they can be printed without the hardware if you want to frame them.  They require no glass if you do want to frame them which saves you a large chunk of money.  Please add $45 for shipping signed metal prints outside of the Wasatch Front.

When considering a print size, bigger is usually better.  Not because they are more expensive, but because a print feels so much larger when holding in your hand versus hanging it on your wall.  A 16x24 print seems like a very substantial size until you hang it on your living room wall and suddenly it feels diminished.  Carefully consider the place you want to hang a print before placing an order.  I want to ensure you are completely satisfied not only with the image, but how it looks in your home.

Please contact me here to place your order or ask any questions.  All prints are made to order and will take between 1-2 weeks for delivery.  Each print delivered locally (Salt Lake area) will be signed and dated in the bottom right corner with a silver metallic pen.  Prints that need to be shipped will be digitally signed and shipped to your home straight from the print lab.  I can hand sign prints for shipping outside of Salt Lake for the extra cost of shipping.  Special arrangements will be made for very large print sizes.